Our continued presence on the market, and the dynamic advances in technology and marketing research methods, have prompted us to internalized all processes, comprising the following areas:


- Data collection and surveying
- Coding office
- Data processing, analysis and presentation
- Gift and loyalty program management


Structure and Areas:


Research Area

Putting together our personal experience of over twenty years working with national and international clients, we have created a team of senior research analysts able to analyse and extract useful insights to support strategic decisions. We have developed research and analytics products based on proprietary models, integrating best practices and methods.

- DIAGNOSIS:Customer loyalty and trade satisfaction
DIAGNOSIS is an analytics tool designed to verify, track and optimize policies and strategies for boosting customer loyalty and satisfaction in large-scale retail and chain stores. The tool is based on a satisfaction index, called GMCX, derived by an algorithm from the statistical pool, and on leveraging our extensive Mystery Client expertise.

- PHARMA: Our experience in the healthcare sector, both in Italy and internationally, has grown thanks to a qualified and dedicated field force, presided over by a Business Unit and a Pharmacovigilance Manager. (INSIGHT PHARMA)

- PRODUCT E CONCEPT TEST We use consolidated research tools to analyse and improve the taste and other sensory aspects of food and non-food products, to provide a solution to every issue.
- At-home product tests
- Tasting tests in central location
- Blind or as-marketed tests.
Our vast experience and purpose-built organisation enable us to conduct large-scale tests, including on products that call for specific storage and handling conditions such as fresh, frozen or uncooked foods.
We have a dedicated warehouse with the capability to handle large volumes of products, and to prepare and organise shipments across Italy. Our network, consolidated over the years, enables us to deploy teams of interviewers distributed across the country, and to use locations equipped for the most varied purposes: taste tests, preparation (cooking) tests, shelf impact tests, pack tests, sniff tests, etc.

- IMAGE AND MARKETING MIX: Tactical and strategic tools. We have developed a series of custom analytics tools to help optimise the image of a product or service: Conjoint Analysis (for defining, measuring and analysing multiple variables/attributes presented in different levels/scales: importance and preference in the competitive setting); Ideal Price analysis with study of elasticity curves; Driver Analysis: an analysis based on a complete model that considers all the variables which directly or indirectly influence the consumer’s preferences, taking into account the responses of consumers as well as the relevant population context (purchasing habits, per capita wealth, education level, travel habits, discretionary spending, attitude toward companies/entities/organisations), able to guide optimal choices for enhancing and strengthening and the image of the brand/name.
Finally, ADV Tests, Post Tests anddedicated tracking, with ADV efficiency indicators.

IT Area

We are strongly committed to intensive and ongoing R&D efforts, conducted by our Information Technology team, for developing and improving our marketing research technologies. Continued and expanding R&D investments have enabled us to develop various business applications and a proprietary CATI and CAWI system, integrating all the standard features as well as "bespoke" functions that make these systems highly flexible and adaptable to any survey, output or monitoring requirement. The agility of our technology infrastructure enables the integration and use of external systems (CATI, CRM, other enterprise software of the client company).

Production area

- CATI and CAWI: Our operating facility is equipped with 160 CTI-connected work stations, supervised by our specialised personnel, attentive to the needs of the client, and able to provide real solutions and reliable and timely reports. Our systems enable our clients to verify the questionnaire flow through a simple connection to an encrypted link.
- FtoF: Over the years we have built up a network of FtoF interviewers across Italy, able to conduct motivational, semi-structured and qualitative research on various targets: consumers, BtoB, physicians, professionals, etc., using the latest mobile technologies.
- HR&Quality: We have set up a dedicated department for human resources and quality management. This department has produced interviewer-training modules based on effective telephone communication and NLP models. The same department has also devised “quality control” procedures and systems conforming to industry standards and “best practices”, based on remote voice (real time), shadow, and post-production (rec) listening.

EDP Area

We have set up an affiliated company, GMR srl – www.gmricerche.it, to specialise in developing customer satisfaction models based on satisfaction criteria, measurement of strong and weak areas, degree of loyalty, risk areas, reasons for dissatisfaction, cluster analysis models, positioning, etc.

We carry out positioning analyses using different evaluation methods (rating, customer satisfaction, preference ranking) and different data sources (surveys, external databases, internal databases).


We have set up an affiliated company, Moby Dick srl – www.mobydicksrl.com, to specialise in operational marketing, integrated logistics and creating and managing loyalty programs. With Moby Dick’s support we are able to handle the organisation and shipment of gifts and samples with a unified work flow, and providing a single point of contact for our clients.




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