Every year, we interview some 100,000 physicians in various specialisations, pharmacists, health care professionals and opinion leaders, in partnership with the leading national and international research institutes.

Our ongoing presence and long-standing experience in the pharmaceutical sectors have enabled us to become Italian leaders in statistical research in the health care sector.

The dedicated Business Unit is able to assist our clients in finding the most suitable tools, conducting high-quality field research, and providing timely and reliable field reports and outputs in standard formats. The supervision of our Pharmacovigilance Manager assures the compliance and ethical standards of research and surveys.

The know-how we have acquired in this sector enables us to support and execute every operational phase of pharmaceutical marketing research. Through our affiliated companies with specialised resources and organisations, we can provide a complete service comprising:

- Digitizing of questionnaires (CATI and CAWI) and tests, done by the client company through an encrypted link

- Field reports that are timely, reliable, and annotated.

- Coding office.

- Out-put in various standard formats

- Data processing and analysis: for more information www.gmricerche.it

- Gift e loyalty programs: for more information www.mobydicksrl.com



A particular application and PLUS of our integrated systems is the mixed CATI-CAWI method

- CATI is used for contacting a specific target, as this method can ensure that all sample quotas are met.

- On making contact, the interviewer e-mails the target an encrypted link for accessing the CAWI questionnaire.


- The mixed method is able to ensure that all sample quotas are met.

- It allows interviewers to send reminders and verify whether the CAWI questionnaire was accessed, thanks to integration with the telephone contact system.

- It avoids sending bulk emails to targets.

Treatment data collection

This is a highly intuitive tool which we have developed on proprietary platform to collect information on specific pathologies and their treatments. The model is based on a set of individual 'patient records' containing details of the pathology and treatment of anonymous patients. Participating physicians can easily enter data into these patient records through a practical web interface.


Our in-depth understanding of the PHARMA sector, expertise in communicating with physicians, and ongoing R&D investments have enabled us to build the PharmaGRIN – (GMC Remote Information Network) e-detailing service. www.pharmagrin.com




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